You can’t buy the UK’s best cheap phone anymore

The Lenovo P2 was only released at the start of 2017 yet, just six months later, it’s almost impossible to buy as none of the UK's networks or major retailers are selling it.

It arrived as somewhat of a surprise package with a sub-£200 price point, incredible two-day battery life and all round impressive spec. It was so good in fact, we crowned it the best cheap phone you could buy. But alas, top of the low-cost pops it is no more.

The P2 was exclusive to Three in the UK, and the network has confirmed to TechRadar that it is no longer ranging the phone.

A spokesperson for Three told us, "The Lenovo P2 is now end of life but it was a very popular handset during the time it was available, partly down to its great battery life. 

"We are anticipating a similar success with its replacement the [Moto] E4 Plus that will be in store soon.”

Only six months life

TechRadar has contacted Lenovo to find out if any other UK networks will be ranging the phone, but so far we've yet to hear back.

Three had the Lenovo P2 in stock for around six months, which isn't very long considering networks usually range phones for a few years before dropping them for newer devices.

You can still buy the Lenovo P2 on Amazon, but it's inexplicably almost double the original asking price at £360. 

At that price it's not such a good buy, plus Amazon claims is only has two Lenovo P2 handsets left in stock.

If you're looking to upgrade your phone, the new best cheap device in the UK is  the Moto G5. That's a phone produced by Motorola, which is a part of Lenovo so it's likely the production teams will have had a crossover with those who made the P2.

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