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EA’s FIFA is one the most popular games in India, and for a good reason – Football is a super-popular sport, after cricket, and cricket games are… well, cricket games. Considering how India has such a die-hard FIFA community, is EA doing enough to keep the enthusiasts entertained? Does FIFA have the potential to ever become a serious e-sport? Is it really better than Pro Evolution Soccer? We speak to one of India’s best FIFA players, Reuben Pereira for the answers.


0:23 – Reuben’s journey with FIFA games
3:07 – Should EA be more involved with FIFA in India?
5:23 – Do we need physical copies for PC games?
7:15 – Is PSN account sharing harming FIFA’s e-sport chances?
8:55 – Is ‘Ultimate Team’ mode harming FIFA?
10:20 – Does FIFA have enough spectacle for an e-sport?
14:18 – How can FIFA get better?
17:34 – Will FIFA become a subscription-based service?
19:40 – Pro Evolution Soccer vs FIFA
21:50 – India’s gaming peripherals market
23:53 – Mad Catz gaming peripherals in India
25:12 – What we are currently playing

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Guest – Reuben Pereira – http://facebook.com/reuben.c.pereira

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