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The price of games in India, especially for PC games, have dramatically increased in recent times. From new games launching at prices like 699, 899, and 999, the prices for a new triple-A game has shot up to Rs. 3,499 and even more. What has changed? Who’s to blame? What’s the best platform to game on a budget, and also how can you be a gamer on a budget. We discuss all this and more in the latest episode of TAG.


0:35 – PC Games used to be ridiculously cheap
2:05 – It’s GTA V’s fault?
3:29 – The game re-export problem
6:20 – PC Gaming price hikes begin
8:31 – Are people paying full prices in India?
11:41 – Are game publishers happy?
14:24 – How are Indie games still well priced?
16:42 – Is Steam pricing fair?
19:40 – PC Gaming discount sites
20:56 – Games that never go on discount
23:18 – Is PC gaming making money for publishers?
24:34 – Is the rising dollar price to blame?
27:29 – Blame bitcoin miners for rising price of PC
28:36 – Tips for budget gamers

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Host – Rishi Alwani @rishialwani
Guest – Pranay Parab @prawnay

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