WhatsApp will soon launch In App YouTube playback for videos

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Messaging service app, WhatsApp updates its platform every now and then, enables the users to use the platform with much ease. WhatsApp is reportedly working on a new feature, which the company will release soon. The feature on which the company is working on after being launched will allow users to view YouTube videos within the chat window.

As of now if one wants to watch a video through WhatsApp, it automatically opens YouTube app, so users can view YouTube video. However, with the new app, this is all going to change. The update will allow playback to launch in a picture-in-picture window.

One will also be able to hide ongoing video to read the message in the chat box. Other features which will be coming with the update are a pinch to zoom option and full-screen mode.

The update is available for iPhone beta testers.

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The company has also removed file type limitation from its platform allowing users to share any type of file. Previously, users were allowed to send limited types of files such as PDFs, Word documents, spreadsheets, and slides. However, with the new update, one can even send other files such as APKs.

WhatsApp has recently launched two new updates for its users across the globe. One is changing the font style of a word and the other is finding emojis in the app with much ease. These updates up till now are only available to Android users.

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