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What Should You Know When You Buy RuneScape Gold? A Guide

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Jagex, the creator of long-running MMO RuneScape, is cracking down on real-world trading. It is taking stricter measures, targeting both the sellers and buyers of in-game items.

It means buying gold is more difficult now, but it is still possible. However, you have to be extra careful since you do not want to risk getting banned or scammed.

Do you want to stay safe when buying gold in RuneScape? If so, we will guide you through it. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you buy RuneScape gold:

Find a Reliable Gold Seller

First, find out where you want to buy the gold. Do not trust anyone advertising RuneScape gold for sale. You are dealing with thousands of fake accounts and scams.

Many people get their RuneScape 3 gold from forums or websites. The key is to look for established sellers with legitimate reviews.

Beware of Scams

Once you buy the RuneScape gold, never trade it back to a seller or another player for any reason at all. We often hear about similar scams where the seller asks to return the gold because of an error. They will even say you would get a discount or more gold in return.

This tactic is most likely a scam. You are not getting anything—even the gold you initially bought.

Protect Your Personal Information

The seller does not need any of your personal information to complete the transaction. Avoid giving your phone number, email, and name. If they ask for your account password, run.

You can usually use any payment method. To take it one step further, you can use cryptocurrency. It is untraceable, ensuring your information stays safe.

Use Your Main Account

Using a dummy account might sound like a good idea to stay on the safe side, but it is riskier. Did you know there is a 25,000 gold trade limit on free-to-play accounts? You have to buy a membership to trade the gold to your main account.

If you make huge trades, you risk getting banned. It applies to both your dummy and primary account.

Some players lower the risks by putting an extra effort into a mule account. They complete quests, train skills, and make friends for the sake of seeming like a real account.

Trade Some Random Junk

When you buy RuneScape gold, consider trading a few junks to avoid getting flagged. While any player can give gold to another, Jagex often finds huge transactions suspicious. It is illegal to sell RuneScape items in the real world, like in other video games.

If you throw some items, the developer would see it as any other transaction. You only have to be careful not to trade your rare items.

Buy RuneScape Gold in a Safely Now

When you buy RuneScape gold, be more cautious since you are parting with money. Buy from a reputable seller and follow our tips. These will also keep your information safe from hackers.

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