What Role Will Virtual Events Play in 2025?

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The pandemic of 2020 forced businesses and people to shift priorities and goals. One of these changes includes how society interacts. While people might not be able to congregate and socialize the same, certain aspects of life are starting up again.

Virtual events are becoming the new way to let everyone witness a gathering and “meet”.

Regardless of a cure or vaccine, virtual events and platforms are here to stay. But what role will they have in the year 2025? This article hopes to shed some light on future trends.

Current Situation

When COVID-19 came to the United States, it wasn’t long before entertainment, schools, and work shut down. People weren’t able to meet socially, and long-distance transportation was discouraged to prevent spreading the virus.

But life has to continue, and new measures were put in place to keep people safe. 

Companies needed to conduct meetings, sports teams resumed play, and people wanted to feel connected to their favorite entertainers. This was accomplished thanks to modern technology.

The masses have attended sporting events, concerts, and meetings thanks to streaming and video communication companies like Zoom and Microsoft’s Teams.

Most events already have limits and safety restrictions for in-person attendance. The cost and easy set-up for streaming have allowed millions of people to make “appearances” for things they’d otherwise visit.

What’s the prognosis for virtual events in the next five years? Will all of this technology be shelved?

Sporting Events

Attending a sporting event in person is one of the most exciting things to witness. It’s even better when it’s a family member or loved one.

When sports restarted, several leagues prohibited fans and family from attending. Big events like professional soccer and basketball were some of the first sports to return on TV.

Along with watching these games, a new aspect has been introduced – virtual reality (VR). With VR goggles, a fan could feel like they are actually sitting courtside of a game. In 2025, stadiums will probably start charging access for this “seat”.

Virtual reality will be a new way for stadiums and arenas to exceed the capacity and give an experience to someone who would never be able to attend a game or afford a ticket.

Work and Meetings

The landscape of the American workforce has drastically changed. Businesses have found a way to allow remote work and still hold meetings with vendors and clients.

What does this mean in the next five years?

Businesses will start leasing smaller buildings and offices. Instead of workers having their own office, they’ll share an office with someone whose days are staggered.

Companies with only a few employees might choose to forgo a storefront to save costs. Large companies will stagger office days, or they’ll choose to start hiring from talent pools all over the country or globe.

The flexibility to attend meetings without going to a conference room or traveling saves hundreds or thousands of dollars from the bottom line. It might even raise the morale of your employees if they know they won’t be dragged into a conference room.

These virtual meetings are happening now and they won’t go away. You can use this virtual event platform to make the planning easier.

Training and Orientation

Companies won’t need new hires and employees to attend training seminars or safety orientations at specific times. All of this training and education can be done virtually at everyone’s own pace.

Organizations can still put deadlines on the completion and add small quizzes to ensure that the attendee is absorbing the information. 

With safety and training materials being online, a business can save money by not having to spend man-hours on in-person instruction. There will always be a need for in-person job training, but the online virtual trend will increase.

But with a lot of training taking place virtually, accidents and injuries should decrease. Workers’ compensation cases and lawsuits also diminish. 

Fewer accidents and better-trained employees are going to be commonplace in 2025.

Healthcare Industry

Telemedicine has taken off with only a few hiccups during the pandemic. Patients are seeing medical professionals via smart devices. This has provided convenience, safety, and speed for everyone involved.

The hopes of the world are that this pandemic (or any other) doesn’t come back in five years. But the healthcare industry has already been changed.

Going forward, doctors’ offices may choose to do virtual appointments during flu season or during inclement weather. Healthy staff and visitors can avoid catching a new illness in the waiting room.

Additionally, rural areas will have better access to doctors and specialists without having to make a trip to a city that may be hours away. The connectivity of telemedicine and virtual technology means everyone has access.

The convenience factor should lead to happier patients. They won’t need to take an entire day off of work or hire someone to watch children or pets.


Every level of American education has embraced virtual learning. From Kindergarteners to Ph.D. candidates, people are learning remotely. Teachers and instructors are forced to change their plans to fit a virtual format.

Virtual learning in the American education system had slowly expanded until this year. Now, it’s exploded onto the scene touching nearly every American life.

The social benefits of attending school in person are immeasurable but don’t expect virtual learning to go away. There are literally thousands of reasons schools will provide access to virtual schooling for everyone.

For example, a student may have to go home to assist a sick family member. In 2025, they won’t have to withdraw from school. They’ll simply call the registrar, speak with an advisor, and switch the curriculum to an online format.

How Virtual Events Will Change the World

While the current pandemic caused a lot of harm, it also opened up innovation. People have learned to adapt and thrive in the new environment. 

This success is largely due to virtual events. Now that we see that this technology converts well into our daily lives, it will change the world for the better going forward.

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