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What Not to Post on Social Media (Ever!)

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Have you ever posted anything on Facebook that you instantly regretted posting? Sometimes you can catch a bad post and delete before anyone sees it. Other times, your post lives on the internet forever.

Aside from the occasional embarrassing post or social media rant, there are specific pieces of information you should never post on social media. Some posted information can lead to identity theft or dangerous situations for yourself and loved ones.

Review your social media profiles and look for these tips about what not to post on social media.

1. Identifying Information

Sure, your name is on your social media profiles. But make sure you keep other identifying information to a minimum.

Identity thieves don’t need much information to steal your identity. When it comes to what not to post on Facebook, your address, phone number, and social security number should stay off of your social media profiles and posts.

2. Videos or Others (Without Permission)

With smartphones everywhere these days, we have no shortage of amateur cellphone videos. It’s easy to turn on your video camera when someone least expects it, then post it directly from your phone to your social media pages.

Posting a video of someone without permission can lead to plenty of problems for you and the subject of your video. Before posting a video, make sure you have permission from anyone in the video. Use a video trimmer to edit things out of a video if needed before posting.

3. Complaints About Co-Workers or Your Boss

Even if you have your social media settings set to “private,” your complaint about a co-worker might somehow find its way back to them. If you want to keep your job or not hurt your chances of finding a new job, it’s best to leave complaints about the workplace off of your social media pages.

4. Anything More Than a PG-13 Rating (or Less)

“Keep it clean” is a good rule of thumb for appropriate posts for social media. You never know if a photo or joke will violate social media policies for a platform or offend your friends and family.

Most social platforms have a strict anti-nudity and offensiveness policy. It’s best to keep your posts clean and acceptable for general audiences.

5. Detailed Travel Info

We love posting about our amazing vacations! Be sure you don’t give away too many details. You risk the wrong people taking note of when you’re home is empty while you’re away. An empty home is tempting for burglars to visit while you’re away.

Knowing What Not to Post on Social Media Can Save Your Social Life!

If you like your social media, you can keep using it—just beware of what not to post on social media! It’s easy to ruin a reputation or lose your identity to a criminal when you post the wrong thing on your social media page.

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