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What Is an ASPX File and How Can You Open It?

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Few things cause internet users to panic more than downloading an unfamiliar file. Imagine downloading an image to use as a desktop wallpaper only to find it saved with a strange name and unable to be opened by any available programs.

ASPX is an uncommon file extension, and it can leave anyone who unintentionally downloads a file in this format scratching their heads. Some common questions that may arise are what is ASPX and why can’t I open it?

A casual viewer will usually only see ASPX in the name of a downloaded file when a web page’s server is malfunctioning. However, it is still possible to open, edit, and convert these seemingly alien files. A web developer needs to master all of these skills, as they will use these file types often while creating websites. 

Read through our complete guide to find out what to do with an ASPX file and how to transform it into a format any computer will recognize.

What Is an ASPX File?

The purpose of a file extension is to tell the computer what it should do with a file. Seeing .jpg means display an image, and .doc means open a word processing document. The answer to what is ASPX is simple; it is an extension telling the computer what sort of file it is working with.

The ASPX file extension is just one of many possible designations. Like most of its counterparts, it is an acronym and stands for Active Server Pages.

Most casual viewers will never see an ASPX file, but they are useful for web developers creating pages. They are able to tell the server which elements to create, such as text or images. This makes them an important part of the website development process, as pages will not run properly if the code within them is not well-written.

Aspx files are commonly used in development because they are highly adaptable. They are based in Common Language Runtime or CLR, which allows developers to use any .NET language to write the necessary code. This makes it easier for teams using different programs, software, or languages to work together.

Creating, opening, editing, converting, and sharing ASPX file types can make the complex process of coding a website simpler.  

How Can I Open an ASPX File?

Since they are an uncommon file type for the average user, knowing how to open an ASPX file is usually a skill only seasoned developers will possess. Fortunately, there are simple, straightforward methods that allow anyone to take a look inside these documents full of code.

Changing an ASPX file extension to one that is easier to read can be as simple as giving it a different name. For example, open the file in a compatible reader like Notepad and save it with a more familiar extension, such as .pdf or .doc. Afterward, it should be accessible by the majority of common computer programs. 

Renaming a file is usually a simple process. On Windows, the simplest way is to right-click on the file name and type in something with a more accessible extension. 

Sometimes renaming just doesn’t work. Since ASPX files are web-based, they can also be opened in most common web browsers. Drag the file into the URL field, and the browser should show what is inside it.

Alternatively, re-downloading the offending file in another browser can sometimes solve the issue. For example, an image that downloads as an ASPX in Firefox may become a jpg as expected when downloaded in Chrome. The file can be opened once it is downloaded with the proper extension.

It is not always necessary to change the file’s extension, however. Many applications can read ASPX files, with Dreamweaver and Microsoft’s Visual Code Studio being two of the most popular choices. 

How Can I Edit an ASPX File?

Editing an ASPX file is usually the task of a web developer and an important part of making a website function and look the best it can. There are numerous ways to work with these file types and ensure the code is exactly as it should be.

Editing an ASPX file can be as simple as using a text editor such as Notepad. As previously mentioned, Microsoft’s Visual Studio and Dreamweaver are also popular options.

Even if there is no need to edit the file directly, these methods are also useful methods to at least open the file and view what is inside it.

Why Convert ASPX to PDF? 

Opening ASPX file types can seem like a daunting task. Only certain programs are capable of doing so, and most average computer users don’t have them.

When a file type is difficult to work with, the best solution is to change it to something else. It’s important to convert an ASPX file to a format that any system and specification can recognize, especially if it needs to be shared.

The PDF, another acronym that stands for Portable Document Format, is one of the most commonly used and widely accessible formats available today. These files are easy to view, print, send, and download. Changing an ASPX file to a pdf will make it much easier to work with.

How to Convert ASPX to PDF?

Converting ASPX to pdf does not have to be a complicated or arduous process. It often only requires changing the file’s name.

Renaming an ASPX file does more than allow it to be opened easily. It can also change its format into something easier to view and share. Rename the file, replacing ASPX with pdf, and the conversion will be complete.  

There are, of course, other methods of changing a file’s format. Use this easy tool to convert aspx to pdf in a snap.

What to Do Next?

Anyone can run into the issue of accidentally downloading an ASPX file and not knowing what to do with it. Web developers who want to share their code need to convert it to an accessible format. Read more on this uncommon file extension to clear up any and all potential confusion.

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