What If Kids’ Drawings Came to Life

Have you ever wondered what would happen if kids drawing came to life? We at Bright Side have put together some fantastic transformations: from kids’ artwork to reality.

Our talented team helped talented kids to animate their paintings. As a result, we’ve got some amazing animals and vehicles. Decide for yourself if you’d want to meet any of these creatures in real life.

Music: Splashing Around

Cat 0:07
Bus 0:24
Sea life 0:33
Airship 0:40
Hippo 0:55
Traffic 1:11
Squirrel 1:27
Mandarin duck 1:43
Snake 1:59
Hedgehog 2:15
Kitty 2:30
Crocodile 2:45
Wolf 3:00
Survivor 3:17
Lion 3:33

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