We've just been teased the Huawei P20 camera

We’re pretty certain the Huawei P20 won’t be launching until March 27 when the company is hosting an event in Paris, and today we’ve been delivered some teasers for the upcoming phone.

Or at least, that’s what we think it is. Today some postcards with photographs on, stats of what people want to have improved on their phone cameras and the Huawei logo have arrived at TechRadar HQ.

You can see the four postcard images above (we’ve also included close ups in the gallery below) and while the images don’t particularly show much, we can safely assume they’ve been taken with the camera on Huawei’s upcoming phone.

Each one also comes with the tagline ‘Be Patient’ where the A and I are in red, which we assume is to see how the upcoming product from Huawei will be powered by artificial intelligence.

That’s not a massive surprise considering the focus on the AI smarts inside the Mate 10 Pro and Mate 10.

Each of the cards gives research on what UK phone owners want from their phone cameras with things like a great automatic mode, good low light performance, strong zoom (without pixelation) and sharp action shots heading up each card.

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Nothing confirms on the cards that the Huawei P20 will be able to do these things, but the fact we’ve been sent these teasing the next big camera innovation from Huawei suggests this is a focus for the next big phone and AI is the way the company wants to achieve it.

Why now?

One particularly interesting part sits at the bottom of each postcard that reads ‘A new renaissance in photography is coming…’.

That tagline has now appeared a day after Samsung released a teaser for the Galaxy S9 that came with the motto, ‘The Camera. Reimagined’.

These postcards have probably been planned for a bit now, but it’s interesting this comes so soon after the teaser from Samsung. 

Huawei clearly wants to compete with Samsung’s next flagship, and bringing AI into the camera seems to be how the company thinks it can do it.

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