We made AR emoji using the Samsung Galaxy S9

We’ve been testing the new Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus for the past few days and one of its interesting features is “AR Emoji” which is Samsung’s take on Apple’s Animoji launched with the iPhone X.

Samsung wants to go a step further and create emojis that look like you. It does this by capturing your face using the front camera and then taking you through a few steps to customize it to the way you actually look.

We thought we’d test this out on a few members of the TechRadar team to see just how good the AR Emoji are with the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. 

Watch the video below.

So there you have it. Do these AR emoji look anything like us? That’s definitely something we can argue about but the way we see it, AR Emoji is a feature that, like Apple’s Animoji, is more of a party trick than one you’ll use on a daily basis.

Source Link: We made AR emoji using the Samsung Galaxy S9

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