Watch the iPhone X get taken apart on video

We’ve already seen iPhone X teardowns, but a recent one captures the whole process on video, showing the removal of the screen and the battery.

Made by JerryRigEverything, there’s nothing especially new here but the findings are nonetheless interesting.

For one thing, the screen is apparently easier to replace than on previous iPhones, as there’s no Touch ID, and as all the Face ID components are part of the phone’s body rather than the display – so if you’re replacing the screen you don’t have to also replace a bunch of other pricey or fiddly components.

The battery was also judged to be relatively easy to remove, and as we’ve seen in previous teardowns it has an unusual design, as rather than a single rectangle it’s essentially split in two and makes an ‘L’ shape, but the two parts are attached together and removed as one.

Don’t try this at home

We still wouldn’t recommend attempting to replace the iPhone X screen or battery yourself, but this teardown suggests that it might not be too tricky for repair services.

However, thanks to the expensive nature of the iPhone X’s screen and other components it could still cost a lot, especially if you take it to Apple for official repairs.

Via Phone Arena

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