Was It Something I Said? Why You’re Losing Followers on Instagram

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Have you noticed multiple followers on your Instagram have been unfollowing you? You might not be able to pinpoint exactly who unfollowed you, especially if you have a large number of followers. However, you can prevent more from hitting the “UNFOLLOW” button. 

Was it something you said? Yes, it just might have been. But it could have been something else as well. 

Continue reading below to learn why you are losing followers on Instagram and what you can do to get them back.

You’re Building Fake Followers

You’ve probably noticed those automated bot accounts on your Instagram leaving those spammy comments here and there. There’s nothing much that you can do about those and those accounts will unfollow you time to time. This is because they do a mass-follow and just follow a ton of Instagram accounts and then unfollow them.

You’re not doing anything wrong when this happens, so sometimes these are the accounts that bring your numbers down. However, if you’ve ever seen those ads promising to give you 100k+ followers after one simple payment and you did, then you might have a problem. 

Not only does this go against Instagram’s rules, but you’re also building fake followers. These so-called “followers” that you now have aren’t real people with real accounts who can interact with you. Their fake followers and either the accounts themselves or Instagram will clear from the platform, leaving you friendless. 

And you can now see how to separate real friend losses and fake friend losses with the help of services that tell you exactly who unfollowed you. 

Gain Them Back: As far as fake followers (automated bot accounts) are concerned, there’s no real way to gain them back other than purchasing more. Don’t fall victim to this, and don’t worry about gaining fake followers back. These aren’t the kind of followers you want. 

Your Posts Are Inconsistent 

For your real followers, it’s important that you stay consistent with your posts. You want to post on a consistent schedule so that your followers know when to expect a post from you. You also want to avoid posting too much.

If you’re posting multiple times a day such as 4 or 5 times, then your followers might become annoyed and hit that “UNFOLLOW” button. To prevent this from happening, only post around once or twice a day. You also don’t want to post too little. 

If your account goes several days without a post, then some of your followers might forget who you are or why they followed your account in the first place. 

Gain Them Back: Post on a consistent schedule. Stick to this schedule each and every day because consistency is key. Once you do so, you’ll start to see your number climb.

Your Posts Are Inappropriate

Posting inappropriate content is another way to lose your loyal followers, so be sure to stay clear from this mistake. Now, what content is inappropriate? That depends on who your audience is. 

You want to be yourself and your Instagram account is a reflection of you. Therefore, the content that you post probably has a certain type of following. For example, if you practice one type of religion and a large majority of your followers also practice that religion, they don’t want to see you post things about not being religious.

Basically, if you have a certain type of following, be sure to give them what they’re looking for or what they’re entertained by. Inappropriate content is anything that your followers won’t see fit for your account. But if you remain true to yourself, you should be in the clear!

Gain Them Back: Find a theme for your account and stick to it. Your followers will come back, just give it time!

You’re Shoving Products Down Their Throats

If your Instagram account is used primarily for advertising and selling products, then you have to be sure that you’re not shoving these products down your followers’ throat. If you remain consistent with your posting and only post 1-2 times a day, then you’re already on the right track.

However, don’t make every single one of these posts about the products and how to purchase them. There’s a good chance that your followers will become annoyed and unfollow. Instead, consider posting content related to your products that are fun, funny, or interesting. 

For example, if you sell naturally-made products containing goat’s milk, then you can post funny memes with goats. Your followers will enjoy seeing this content and those posts alone might convince someone to make a purchase without having to actually “sell” the idea to them. 

Gain Them Back: Stop shoving your products down your throat. If your products are high-quality, then they’ll sell themselves. Focus on posting consistently and with a good mix of product posts and enjoyable posts.

You’re Not Using Hashtags Correctly

If you want to gain followers, then you need to use hashtags on your account. Not using hashtags won’t cause you to lose any followers, but you’re missing out on a big opportunity to gain more. And when you do use them, be sure that you’re using them correctly

Your hashtags are what will put your content and your posts in front of a large audience. Think about the type of content that your posting and use hashtags that go with each post itself and the overall theme of your page. For example, if your Instagram page is all about your travel experiences, then you’ll want to use the hashtag “#travel” and “#adventure” and more on all of your posts.

But when you travel to the Grand Canyon, you want to use all of these hashtags plus the hashtag, “#grandcanyon” because that’s what the specific post is about.

Gain Them Back: Never post without using hashtags. Use appropriate hashtags every time you make a post and other accounts will be drawn to yours. 

Losing Followers on Instagram Stinks! Stop Stinking!

If you’ve noticed your Instagram followers dropping, then you know losing followers on Instagram stinks. Stop stinking! Follow these helpful tips above to stop yourself from losing any more followers and to gain some more back.

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