Wait on Samsung Galaxy Note 8? LG V30 invite wants you to wait one week

The anticipated LG V30 launch date will be Thursday, August 31, according to a screenshot from a Save the Date invite sent to TechRadar today.

The timing of this Android phone coincides with two big events. First, it’ll happen at IFA 2017, as indicated by the ‘Berlin, Germany’ location stamp at the bottom of the screen capture sent to us.

Second, LG V30 will be revealed one week after the rumored Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launch event that’s said to take place on August 23 in New York.

That puts these big Android phones in head-to-head competition, with the actual release dates likely set for September in various countries, including the US and maybe the UK (see below).

This LG V30 puts it just one week behind the rumored Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launch date

LG V30 questions remain

The invite also goes a long way to backing up rumors of a 18:9 screen with round corners, like the LG G6, but one that may have an OLED display.

The big switch from LCD to OLED would help make the LG V30 a Google Daydream VR smartphone, a surprising first for LG (it makes killer 4K OLED TV sets).

Another LG first: it’s rumored to have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset that the LG G6 just missed out on. Specs go a long way toward VR capabilities. too.

The timing also lines up with the usual late-summer launch of Google’s next operating system, so it could run Android O without you having to update.

The biggest remaining question: With the LG V30 poised to have its launch event at IFA 2017, does that mean that the UK will actually get this big phone?

The LG V10 and LG V20 never launched in the UK and they remained US phones, much to the disappointment of phablet phone lovers. We’ll know on August 31, if more leaks don’t happen between now and then.

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