URB-E Aims for the Last Mile Commuter

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The Urb-E folds up to the size of a rollerboard suitcase for easy handling, and weighs just under 30 pounds making it an easy last-leg vehicle for urban commuters. Topping out at 15mph, the Urb-E can last up to 20 miles on a single charge.

There are two models. The first is the Urb-E commuter, which has three wheels instead of two, making for a more reliable and smooth ride. The Urb-E GP, on the other hand, only has two wheels and can thus make sharper turns, though both models have the same speed and power specifications.

Today Urb-E launched their Indigogo campaign with a goal of $150k in 40 days. The lowest price point to secure an actual Urb-E is $1,599 for ultra-early adopters.

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