Two Days With The Tesla Model 3 (Made Me Want The Model S)

Fun fact: a Tesla Model 3 preview was one of the first two videos published by the MrMobile YouTube channel back in 2016! What’s more: I’ve never gotten over that experience. The skin-stretching acceleration; the futuristic features; the fact that it never needed a drop of gasoline – to a guy just starting a YouTube tech channel, Tesla’s Model S and Model X were the ultimate manifestation of mobile technology, and the Model 3 promised much of the same experience in a more affordable package.

Flash-forward to 2018: that Tesla Model 3 is finally rolling off the production line … and I’ve just spent two days behind the wheel. Not enough time for a review, but enough to get a sense of how many promises it delivers on. Watch the MrMobile extended Tesla Model 3 test drive to see where it succeeds, where it falls flat … and why it makes me want a Model S more than anything else.


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MrMobile’s Tesla Model 3 Test Drive was produced following two days with a production Tesla Model 3. The test car included the extended battery, premium interior package, 19″ sport wheels, enhanced autopilot and midnight silver finish. Price as tested: $56,500. The Model 3 received one software update immediately following the test drive.


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