Toyota Prius Prime Review: Better Hybrid Than Plug-In

Tough as it may be to believe, the first Toyota Prius came out 20 years ago. Since then “Prius” has become synonymous with “hybrid” in America – I can’t go two minutes without seeing a Prius in my native Boston. But personally, hybrid cars don’t really get my motor running. If I can’t be behind the wheel of a true electric vehicle, then I want to be driving a “plug-in hybrid” that lets me drive pure electric at least some of the time. Fortunately for me, the Toyota Prius Prime 2017 is just such a car … and I spent two weeks getting to know it. Join me for MrMobile’s Toyota Prius Prime Review!



Toyota Prius Prime 2017:


MrMobile’s Toyota Prius Prime 2017 Review was produced following two weeks with a Toyota Prius Prime Advanced review car on loan from Toyota. It was driven from Boston to Long Island to NYC and many points between, for a total distance of approximately 550 miles during the review period.


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