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Top 5 Absolute Best Cable TV Packages in 2021

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Cable TV is reaching new lows, as people are cutting the cord, making prices more competitive. But with all the different cable providers out there, what is the best one for the upcoming year?

We have all the different bundles and packages to choose from and what they entail.

1. Xfinity

The Xfinity package would be the top of any top 5 list because it by far offers the best bang for your buck when it comes to price and performance. With even their most basic of basic packages, you can still access TV while getting incredibly high internet speeds.

When you choose higher speeds of the internet, you get access to a wider range of channels as well. Xfinity’s prices start at $39.99 and can go all the way up to $149.99. The only downside is that Xfinity is not available to everyone just yet, but if it is, be sure to pick it up.


If you’re more TV oriented than internet-oriented, then DISH is the best of the cable TV bundles out there. They offer a low monthly rate for a high amount of channels. With over 240 channels available at their low-end package, it makes it a rather compelling option.

Not only that, but you have access to that TV anywhere with their DISH Anywhere. This allows you to watch TV on the go. So whether you’re at work or at someone’s house, you never have to worry about missing your favorite show.

3. AT&T

AT&T is one of the best cable TV packages around if you need a wide variety of channels and high internet. Boasting over 250 channels with 1000mb/s for internet, it makes it a compelling option to those that like to switch between watching sports, to playing sports.

Because it is also a cellular service, you often have the option of bundling these together to help save on costs. They also offer new customer specials specifically for this reason.

4. Spectrum

If you’re someone that is always on the internet and enjoys downloading and streaming everything possible, Spectrum is the cable TV package for you. They offer a wide variety of channels with no data cap.

The only downside is that you pay for that unlimited data. Spectrum bundles routinely start at the mid $100’s, making it unappealing for those that are on a budget.

If you’re looking to minimize your spending, be sure to read more now.

5. Hulu

If you are truly on a tight budget, then the most appealing option of all might be Hulu. Hulu offers all of the major sports networks and comes with around 60 channels to choose from.

You also get access to their entire streaming library and offers a cloud DVR. This means no extra equipment or the fees that come with that equipment.

Choose the Best Cable TV Package That Meets Your Standards

Regardless of which cable TV package you choose, be sure that it checks as many boxes as possible for you. Find the items you use the most and factor that into the decision you make.

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