This may be the most useful feature of the iOS 11 update

Automatically connecting to Wi-Fi may seem like a simple and useful feature, but it's not when you're forced onto networks with poor signal.

One of the newest iOS 11 features will now stop you punctually connecting to networks that have weaker signals.

The feature appeared in iOS 11 beta 4 and it will stop you getting annoying notifications as you walk by Starbucks, McDonald's or places housing other public Wi-Fi hotspots you've previously connected to.

New ideas… for iOS

The only annoying thing is you'll have to switch it on for each network. 

You'll need to press the small blue 'i' icon next to the Wi-Fi networks within the Settings menu and turn on the feature that appears called 'Ask to Join Networks'.

Despite being the first time this feature has launched for iPhone, this isn't the first time we've seen a similar idea. Samsung devices have a feature called Smart Network Switch that lets you continue to use your mobile data when your Wi-Fi signal isn't strong enough.

Via Phone Arena

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