These are the strangest Amazon Prime Day deals

Amazon Prime Day, it’s one of the best days for buying tech at deep discounts, and at the same time it’s also a great way for Amazon to empty out its warehouses. Just like any store, you’re bound to find some weird stuff among the back shelves, and so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to find the strangest deals of Amazon Prime Day.

Save 33% on Pheromones For Women/Men Pheromone Cologne Oil: Looking to attract that special someone? Well pheromones might be just the trick. According to the product description these perfume oils are “proven to attract men/women and appeal to their sexual receptors” buy using a blend of pheromones including Estratetraenol and Copulins.

Save 72% on the Inflatables Giant Donut Pool Float: Perfect for lounging in the pool and it looks like the spitting image of Homer Simpsons favorite flavored doughnut. Best of all this inflatable giant donut pool float comes with an included pump.

Save 30% on the Fred SLOW BREW Sloth Tea Infuser: Taking the idea of slow brewing to a whole new level, this sloth-shaped tea infuser will hang from the edge your tea cup slowly flavoring the water with the contents of its uhh…bottom.

Save 56% on the Comfort Zone Feliway Diffuser Kit: Cats can sometimes be absolute nightmares. Whether they’re meowing all night, scratching up your favorite chair or chewing up your charging cables, Comfort Zone’s Feliway Diffuser Kit promises to be the ultimate chill pill to calm them down.

Save 25% on the Chia Donald Trump Freedom of Choice Pottery Planter: Didn’t get the presidential pick of your choice, well at least you can pick your representative through the avatar of a Chia head pottery planter. We at the very least can say the Donald Trump planter can grow its own hair.

Save 30% on the Allure Lingerie Women's Sexy Kitten Cat Suit: Looking to start your Halloween costume shopping early, Amazon Prime Day has the purrfect deal on a cat suit that’s sure to be much cheaper than anything you’ll find in your local Party City.

Save 67% on the Langria Mermaid Tail Blanket: Fancier and more luxurious than your everyday snuggie, you could look like a mythical denizen of the sea with this mermaid tail blanket. That said, we wouldn’t suggest going swimming while have it wrapped around your legs even if you look the part of a mermaid.

Save 20% on the Lobster Claw Oven Mitt: Channel your inner Zoidberg and keep your hands from burning at the same time. Lobster Claw oven mitt is a fun and functional way of handling hot plates, pots and pans in the kitchen.

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