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The Top 5 Cannabis Apps You Need to Download on Your iPhone or Android

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The legality of cannabis is popping up everywhere and the industry raked in almost $9 million dollars in 2017.

With so much buzz surrounding cannabis, it’s only natural that in our modern era we develop an app for that.

The purpose of cannabis apps can be all across the board. For users looking for more accurate dosage instructions or business owners inquiring about marijuana strains. Either way, if cannabis is in your life in any capacity, you’ll want an app.

Here’s 5 of the best cannabis apps that fit a variety of lifestyles.


Packed with a thorough dictionary of multiple cannabis strains, Leafly is known for helping you find the strain you’re looking for. It offers advice on what to use for certain ailments, and you can read reviews, find a dispensary or doctor, and stay up to date on all cannabis news.

Used by millions of users, this award-winning app is the cream of the crop when it comes to cannabis apps.

My Canary

Need to know if you’re too stoned to get behind the wheel? My Canary can help.

This app takes you through a protocol to asses whether or not you’re fit to drive. These series of tests consist of working through memory, balance, reaction, and perception. It mimics the tests given to people by police offers when they pull over drivers.

Though My Canary cannot stop you from driving, it can give you pretty accurate feedback as to whether or not you should drive.


Delivery by a licensed dispensary? Say no more!

The EazeMD app provides information and deals on cannabis, as well as other cannabis needs such as capsules, vape cartridges, edibles, and more. Simply purchase what you want, have it delivered, and track it like a pizza. It’s perfect for those not wanting to leave the house! While at it, be sure to learn why CBD oil can be beneficial to your health.

EazeMD can also hook you up with a real doctor who specializes in medical marijuana for a fee of $29. During your face-to-face consultation, you discuss your ailments and the physician writes you a recommendation for you to take to the dispensary. All of this takes place without having to leave your home.

High There!

Recreational marijuana is fun, but better together.

Following the same trend as Tinder, High There! is an app that helps you find a marijuana buddy. Punch in your current mood, and answer a few other questions to be matched with a friend. Swipe left or right to accept or reject because no one should be with MJ alone, right?


For the budding cannabis entrepreneur or grower, GrowBuddy is a journal to record all the information on your garden. Get top-notch advice from other growers, review products, and manage your garden all in one handy app.

GrowBuddy helps you grow a luscious and lucrative garden, all while learning loads of information on cannabis.

Which Cannabis Apps Are Right For You?

The landscape of cannabis is wide and bursting with opportunity. These apps can help you achieve anything you’re looking for and more.

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