The Smartphone Platform You’ve Never Heard Of

After many years, the smartphone platform wars have finally whittled our choices down to iOS or Android. But as much variety as there is to be found in the latter, and as solidly reliable as each platform has become, the fact remains that we’re now trapped in a somewhat dull duopoly.

Sailfish OS is not here to save us. The platform, which first saw wide release in 2013 but traces its roots all the way back to the heyday of Nokia, doesn’t have enough momentum to topple the entrenched competition (nor do its custodians seem to yearn for such an upset). But for those who simply can’t brook the idea of toting an Apple- or Google-powered smartphone, the mere existence of Sailfish OS as an alternative choice is reason to celebrate. And for the rest of us, who defected to one of the two evil empires long ago but still yearn for some innovative influences on these predictable platforms, Sailfish serves as a refreshing reservoir of new ideas (and friendly fonts). Join me for a quick look at this rarely-seen platform in MrMobile’s Sailfish OS hands-on!


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MrMobile’s Sailfish OS Hands-On was produced following several weeks of on-and-off usage with Sailfish X running on a Sony Xperia X on loan from Jolla. The device was not unlocked for the North American market and so it was used exclusively on WiFi.


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