The PS4 Pro is now at its lowest price ever

Black Friday was a lifetime ago – and Cyber Monday is already starting to fade in your memory – but that’s not stopping Amazon from continuing to offer some pretty competitive discounts.

Amazon has now discounted the price of the PlayStation 4 Pro to £259.99, the lowest it’s ever been. The discount applies only to the black 1TB version of the console and it doesn’t include any games or accessories bundled in. 

But if you’re satisfied with your game library and you’ve been waiting for a good deal on just the console… this is it. 

How low can Pro go?

If, however, you’re after a great bundle there are still some to be had. You can, for example, still pick up the PS4 Pro with a copy of FIFA 18 on Amazon for just £299. 

But with the right discount and this lower price point it’s possible to pick up the game you want and the console separately and keep the price under £300, making the 4K console just under £200 cheaper than Microsoft’s Xbox One X which is a massive price difference. 

Not only that, but this drop brings the price of the Pro under that of the significantly less powerful Nintendo Switch, another big console success this year. 

Such a low price point could very well be an edge for the PS4 Pro to be the big seller this Christmas.

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