The Phone I Carried In 2008: What A Difference A Decade Makes

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The world of ten years ago can sometimes feel impossibly recent, or even idyllic compared to what you’ve got today. But like an old TV show that’s mostly held up over time, the illusion crumbles when technology enters the picture. I’m Michael Fisher, and ten years ago the phone housed in my holster was the HTC Mogul, aka the PPC 6800 (or “HTC Titan” if you’re fancy). It wasn’t a very good smartphone … a fact I’d completely painted over with nostalgic fondness until I uncovered a 2008-era forum post ripping into it – a post I myself had written. So when my review unit arrived from eBay this week, the feelings that greeted me were familiar … and yet decidedly more mixed than they might otherwise have been. This is the HTC Mogul Retro Review.



MrMobile’s HTC Mogul Retro Review was produced following three days with a secondhand HTC Mogul device purchased by Mobile Nations. MrMobile carried a separate HTC Mogul retail device as a daily driver from April-July 2008, which he purchased from Sprint.

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