The OnePlus 5T has been officially confirmed, along with a key feature

With all the recent teases from OnePlus there’s been little doubt that the OnePlus 5T exists, but now the company has gone a step further and confirmed the phone and its name.

Dubbed the OnePlus 5T, as expected, the handset was mentioned by name by the company’s CEO Pete Lau in a forum post, where he also confirmed that the upcoming handset would have a 3.5mm headphone port.

He explains that the decision was made based on a number of factors, but primarily based on the fact that 70% of surveyed OnePlus users said sound quality was their priority and that almost 80% use wired headphones.

He added that the company considered replacing the headphone port with a second USB-C port, as this would allow them to slim the phone down further, but decided it wouldn’t provide enough benefit to users. So don’t expect the OnePlus 5T to be much if any slimmer than the 7.3mm OnePlus 5.

Caught on camera

And that’s not the only OnePlus 5T news, as the phone may also have been spotted in the wild. A photo shared by e-sports player Alessandro Palmarini shows him playing on a OnePlus device at Paris Games Week.

He specifically says it’s a OnePlus device he’s using, and while he doesn’t name the phone it doesn’t look like any existing model, as it has noticeably smaller bezels than the OnePlus 5, likely allowing for a larger screen in a similar size body.

In fact, we’ve seen that exact design before in previous leaks, so this is likely the real deal. We should know soon, as rumors point to a November 16 announcement.

Via Phandroid

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