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The Coolest Tech Gear Out Right Now

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Remember when there were horror movies made about our home coming to life? Even the Disney channel had one!

Now that’s the real life and wantable situation in American households. We can turn off lights with a word to Alexa (or whomever you prefer).

Crazy tech gear is now commonplace – learn about some cool products below.

Smart Bed

Have you ever wondered how well you sleep? Not how you wake up feeling or how many hours it says when you set your alarm.

But the details. How long you’re in this phase of sleep vs how long you’re in another? Some people turn to smartwatches to tell them things like that.

Those can’t track your sleep if you’re not wearing them – like if you plug them in to charge. The Smart IT bed from Sleep Number can. It has all the sleep tracking technologies of a smartwatch sleep tracker – and more.

You learn about your night from your app, which the bed sends data to over wifi. Yes, an internet-enabled bed – it’s a crazy world we’re living in!

Smart Refrigerator

It’s not necessary to know all the depths and ins/outs of your sleep – but it is necessary not to forget milk at the store for the third time this week!

This new refrigerator from Samsung allows you to do that. You can look inside the fridge from the app to remind yourself of what you need or what you already have.

It has an internet-enabled screen on the unit as well, which you can order groceries from.

Dog Treat Video Camera

Moving away from the smart home appliances, we have this video camera/treat dispenser. Ever wondered what Fido was getting into at home?

Just open your app and call for him. The two-way audio and video shows your dog a live video of your face and you can hear them as well! Are they being a good boy?

Press a button in the app and the video camera shoots out a treat (you preload) for them to eat. It’s almost $200, but what is a dog’s love worth?

It’s much better than even a set of the best long range two way radios – unless Fido suddenly develops thumbs.

Charging Suitcase

You know how you have those portable phone chargers (never charged) in drawers all over your house?

Well, now you can have one shoved into your suitcase, but without losing storage space. There’s a new design of suitcase that this brand is making, that has a portable charger built into the design.

Instead of creepily waiting around at an outlet when you’re at the airport, you now can now plug your phone into your suitcase.

Most suitcases hold bout five charges – which we find usually means around three. We haven’t tried these models out yet, so don’t take that as gospel.

Crazy Tech Gear

Do you ever read about a new piece of tech and think, “If you told me I’d be using that 10 years ago, I would’ve laughed at you?” That’s how we feel about these products.

Not that we aren’t excited about tech gear advancements, but it’s still strange to think about. Want to know more about new developments? Click here.