The Car Of Tomorrow? My Ride In The Mercedes Concept EQ

If you’re one of my fellow smartphone lovers you’ll know that the word “concept” in a product name means two things: 1) it’s gonna be packed with some awesome and/or insane features, and 2) it’s probably never going to be released. Well, it’s not much different over in the world of cars. The Mercedes-Benz Concept EQ certainly packs its share of speculative vaporware and a heaping helping of “just because it’s cool” whiz-bang eyecatchers. But it also brings a lot of useful features that actually will appear in cars of the future – including the Mercedes EQC for 2019, expected to be announced later this year. Join me at SXSW in Austin, TX as I experience firsthand the car of the future: the Mercedes Concept EQ!


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MrMobile’s Mercedes Concept EQ Test Ride was produced following two hours with a Mercedes Concept EQ test vehicle at South by Southwest in Austin, TX. Mercedes-Benz provided travel and lodging for the trip, as well as a videographer during filming. Per MrMobile’s standard procedure for product coverage, no other compensation was accepted and no copy approval was granted prior to publication.

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Mercedes EQC 2019 Photographed In Testing [Electrek]:

Mercedes-Benz releases pictures of all-electric EQC pre-production prototype in winter testing


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