The Best Wireless Chargers For Your New Phone

It’s been eight years since wireless charging first came to smartphones with the Palm Pre, but it took Apple building it into the iPhone 8 and iPhone X to make it matter to the mainstream. That’s no snarky jab at Apple or its customers; in fact the iPhone’s newfound embrace of wireless charging is reason to celebrate for all those who’ve ever known the joy of cutting the (charging) cord! That’s because wireless charging is about to return to the scene in a big way – and this time, there’s no pesky standards war to get in the way of progress. I’m MrMobile and here’s what you need to know if you’re treating your smartphones to a wireless charger in 2017.



RAVPower Wireless Charging Pad:

Qi Infinity:(10W):

Itian Wooden charger (10W):

Pasonomi Wooden charger (10W):

Pond Ripple wireless charger battery (5W):

Fonesalesman QiStone (5W):

TYLT Vu -First Generation (5W):

Belkin Boost-up (7.5W):

Fonesalesman Woodpuck Bamboo (10W):

Samsung Convertible Wireless Charging Pad (9W):


MrMobile’s take on the Best Wireless Chargers of 2017 was produced following extended year-long+ testing with the Fonesalesman FurniQi, QiStone+, Babmoo Puck, Pond Ripple, and TYLT Vu, several months with the Samsung Fast Charge Convertible, and several days with the Pasonomi and Itian chargers, the Belkin Boost-Up, and the Qi Infinity charger. No promotional consideration was paid by any company in exchange for being featured in this video; the products were chosen based on first-hand experience and Amazon research.

Special thanks to Jerry Hildenbrand of Android Central for research assistance.


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