The best Huawei P20 cases

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The Huawei P20 is the Chinese company’s latest flagship stunner, bringing bleeding-edge design (you’ve seen the gradient finish, right?) and high-end optics to the market. 

Available in the smaller 5.8-inch P20 model or the 6.1-inch Huawei P20 Pro, both options feature the same general look: an all-glass affair that’s deserving of your tender, loving care.

Though limited to regions outside of the US, there are plenty of people around the globe who are going to want to preserve the Huawei P20’s slick design qualities. To do that, you’ll need a case.

Below, you’ll find several recommendations that cover a wide range of budgets and style preferences. While some of these options are untested, they are each a cut above the rest due to their value and design, and are backed by positive consumer feedback.

Note: we’ve ranked these from cheapest to most expensive at the time of writing

Olixar Ultra-Thin case

If you want a case that’s barely there visually, but of course, is able to take the brunt of would-be scratches, dings and other unfortunate happenings, Olixar’s Ultra-Thin case looks to be tailor-made for you.

On sale for cheap as lunch at £5.99, this is a no-brainer if protecting your P20 or P20 Pro has ever come to mind.

Official silicon case

Huawei’s take on the basic silicon case comes recommended, as it adds the one major design element the P20 and P20 Pro lack: the grip factor.

This silicon gives the camera sensors on the back plenty of room to get the perfect shot, and on the front, it hugs the phone’s nearly bezel-free display nicely.

This isn’t the case to invest in if absolute protection is necessary for your lifestyle. But if you just want something that will keep micro scratches, fingerprints and other unpleasantries from showing up on your P20 phone, this is one to consider.

  • Check out this case for the P20 (coming soon!) and P20 Pro

Spigen Rugged Armor case

For some, slipping on a case is merely a way of preventing the one-off, regrettable scratch. But if you’re someone who is worried about damage on a catastrophic level, it’s time to consider a more durable case.

The Spigen Rugged Armor model adds some bumper space around the phone’s steel frame, as well as some ridges that make holding the P20 far more secure while holding it sideways for a landscape photo.

Despite its rugged qualities, this case is still fairly slimline, and it maintains the P20’s minimalist design by not encroaching on its bezel-less display.

Official Smart View case

Huawei is going all in with official cases for the P20 and P20 Pro, the most suave of which is its Smart View flip case.

This billfold style case wraps the phone and cover its display. But unlike others, this one is actually smart, as the screen’s unique display mode can push through the material to show you the time and other notifications.

Surprisingly, this deluxe offering is rather cheap at £19.99 – not too bad to both protect your phone and try out this case-exclusive display feature.

Official Car Kit

On the road a lot? Huawei’s own Car Kit, containing a magnified case and ventilation clip, is the perfect match.

The case itself is low profile, possessing a similar design to Huawei’s silicon case. Installing the car clip is simple, too, and the magnetic mechanism attaches and detaches effortlessly. You might worry about the snap of the magnet damaging the case after time, but it seems resilient enough to withstand that pressure.

Sure, there are several compatible car mounts out there that cost far less, but Huawei’s solution is more elegant than much of what you’ll find.

  • This case will be available soon

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