The best cheap iPhone 7 Plus deals in the US for August 2017

You should be able to find a good iPhone 7 Plus deal now that the phone is almost a year old, and the iPhone 8 is on the horizon. If you don’t need the newest thing and want the tried and true iPhone 7 Plus, check out these deals.

Some retailers have good prices on the iPhone 7 Plus, and carriers offer a number of deals that can lower the price up front or throw in some extra goodies.

The best cheap iPhone 7 Plus deals

If waiting for the iPhone 8 isn’t an option, at least skip a full-price iPhone 7 Plus with these deals.

Verizon gives you $250 off an iPad with a new iPhone 7 Plus. Verizon might not cut the price of the iPhone 7 Plus itself, but it does offer $0 down on an installment plan of $36 a month. And for people in the market for both an iPhone 7 Plus and a new tablet, it doesn’t hurt to save $250.

AT&T is offering buy-one-get-one iPhone 7 Plus deal, so you and a friend or family member can both get a new iPhone, effectively cutting the price by 50%. The deal can include an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, though there is a $650 limit on the value of the second phone, so it may only discount the second phone if you want another iPhone 7 Plus.

Sprint will throw a second iPhone 7 Plus in for free, though users will have to meet certain requirements detailed on Sprint’s website. Sprint also offers the option to upgrade to a new phone after 12 monthly payments via its iPhone Forever program for those who always want to have a new phone each year.

T-Mobile has low monthly installments on the iPhone 7 Plus. for those who don’t have $769 to drop upfront. The upfront payment is just $49 with 24 monthly payments of $30 after that. Trading in certain old iPhone models can earn users a $300 trade-in credit.

Best Buy has the iPhone 7 Plus for over $100 off depending on which carrier, size, and color you choose. Best Buy is offering the iPhone 7 Plus on a reduced installment plan that can save between $50 and $150 with your choice of AT&T, Sprint or Verizon.

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