The Banana Phone Is Back: Nokia 8110 4G Hands-On

“Matrix Phone.” “Banana Phone.” “Shameless appeal to nostalgia.” Whatever your preferred nomenclature, Nokia calls it the “8110 4G.” It’s a modernized revamp of the original Nokia 8110, the mobile phone that first popularized the slider form factor back in 1997. And for sentimental suckers like MrMobile, it’s 79 Euros as good as spent. Join me for the Nokia 8110 4G Hands-On!


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MrMobile’s Nokia 8110 4G Hands-On was produced following an hour with a Nokia 8110 4G review device at an HMD Global event at MWC 2018 in Barcelona. Preproduction device running prerelease software.


“Sensational” by Cymatix, available at Premium Beat:



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