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The 5 Best Beer Apps for Lovers of Fermented Alcohol

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Are you a connoisseur of fine craft brewery? Are you ready to take that hobby to the next level? There’s an app for that.

Even better, we’ve found 5 amazing apps that all beer lovers should try. Below, we review the 5 best beer apps for beer finding, beer journaling, beer pairing, beer judging, and more. Best of all, they’re free.

Enjoy your love of great brew to the fullest with these 5 apps.

1. UnTappd

UnTappd is a social network exclusively for beer enthusiasts. Use the app to find beers and breweries, rate them, and track your beer-drinking activity. The app uses this information to create personalized recommendations of beers you’ll like.

You and your friends can earn badges by trying new beers and broadening your horizons. And it’s perfect for those who want to journal their beer-drinking and share the experience with friends.

Let’s say you’re traveling the world, trying exotic beers abroad. Using UnTapped, you find the best beer at the best brewery Margaret River, Australia has to offer. Next, you use the app to rate the beer, brag to your friends, and find other beers like it you may enjoy.

It’s free on Apple and Android, so try it now to “Discover Beer” near you.


Think you know beer? The Beer Judge Certification Program will be the judge of that.

The BJCP database contains every detail of every style of beer that ever existed. From mouthfeel to body to tasting notes–it’s all in there.

And you’ll find definitions of all the major categories beer is judged on from the official certification program professional judges use. It’s like Wikipedia for beer, only more credible.

Whether you’re boning up for fun or training to be a professional beer judge, BJCP is the only educational resource on beer you need. It’s available free on Apple and Android.

3. Brewery Passport

Brewery Passport is a great directory of local breweries with extra emphasis on tours and events. The directory includes locations and events of over 6000 breweries in U.S. and Canada, and counting! Use the app to plan your next pub crawl or beer-centric vacation.

Plus, you get your passport stamped at each pub and event you try. It makes pursuing your hobby even more fun, especially with a group. Get it free, only on iOS.

4. TapHunter

Is your favorite beer hard to find? Not with TapHunter it isn’t.

Type in your favorite beer to search out exactly where you can find it, and when. If no results come up, set up an alert to tell you when and where it will be available. This is perfect for seasonal favorites that disappear fast.

You can also search local bars to find out what’s on tap before you go. TapHunter is free on Android and iOS.

5. PairWise

What goes better with good beer than good food? NOTHING, that’s what. And PairWise knows exactly which meals or pub snacks pair perfectly with your favorite brew.

How does it know? The pairing system is based on info compiled from pairing experts and user ratings combined.

How accurate is it? Its 4.6 rating on Google Play suggests it’s pretty accurate.

But don’t take our word for it. It’s free on Android and iOS, so try it yourself! When the munchies start setting in, make sure you have PairWise on hand.

The 5 Best Beer Apps For Beer Lovers

Make the most of your passion for artfully-crafted brews. Get the best beer and have the best time with these 5 best beer apps.

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