The 5 Best Anxiety Apps for the High-Strung

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Today, smartphones run the world, and there is an app for seemingly everything. 

We also live in a world where anxiety is at an all-time high. In fact, 40 million people suffer from anxiety disorders. 

An argument can be made that addiction to cell phones and technology have contributed to anxiety, but the irony is that you can use technology to beat your anxiety problems in the most scientific and cutting-edge ways.

There are anxiety apps that can help you overcome fear and stand strong in your everyday life. Use these five apps below and anxiety will be no match for you. 

1. Headspace

If you’re trying to figure out how to overcome fear, it all begins with finding the right headspace. 

Downloading the Headspace app is an excellent first step. 

With this app, you will embark on regular meditation practice. The app has tons of guided meditations, complete with a timer, music, and instructions.

Meditation is one of the strongest tools that you have at your disposal in the battle against anxiety. 

It centers you, keeps you calm, and builds your prefrontal cortex so that your brain isn’t swayed as easily by every passing thought. By using this app regularly, you’ll have brain-powered armor that stops anxiety in its tracks. 

2. Happify

Gamification is here to stay, and with the Happify app, it can also make you better. 

This app is packed with lots of games that make your stress melt away. It also builds healthy habits and strategies that allow you to track your thoughts and cope with worry and anxiety as it comes about. 

3. Anxiety Free

The Anxiety Free app uses hypnosis techniques that can tackle your anxiety issues. 

Many people today are using binaural meditation and neural training in order to build a brain that is no match for anxiety. You will get more of the same with these scientifically-backed hypnosis sessions. 

4. Stop, Breathe & Think

The name of the app says it all. 

The next time you are having an anxiety tack, notice your breathing. Is it shallow? Is it fast? Are you even breathing at all?

When you take the time to stop, breathe, and think, you are able to re-center yourself and put your anxiety triggers in their place. This app guides you through this process so that you can reframe your perspective on your anxiety and get back to the most important thing you do every day — breathe. 

5. Worry Watch

This app is a journal of sorts, which you can turn to the next time you’re riddled with anxiety. 

You will be able to leave notes about what’s going on, what triggered the anxiety and how it feels. By being able to reverse engineer it, you put yourself in power and can beat it.  

Beat Your Anxiety With These Stellar Anxiety Apps

Technology is on your side. You can use it to your advantage with these anxiety apps. 

Take advantage of the chance to live a calmer life with the help of one of these apps.

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