Tesla Model 3: The Model S/X Test Drive That Sold Me On The Hype

The Tesla Model 3. Despite having zero interest in cars and living in a city with abundant public transit (and abundant traffic jams), I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be a part of a transportation revolution. A few months ago I ordered the Tesla Model 3 alongside about 400,000 other people, and it should be rolling up to my doorstep sometime late in 2018. It will be my very first electric car.

The question I have is probably the same one you do, whether you ordered a Tesla Model 3 or not: did I make the right call? Can the Model 3 possibly live up to all the buzz? And what kind of car will it be when it actually rolls out of the factory? To find out, I needed to learn what driving a Tesla is like today. So I flew to Florida with Derek Kessler and Serenity Caldwell from Tesla Central, and we spent a few days doing our own Tesla Test Drive with the Model S P85D and a brand-new Model X P90D.

What I discovered was that Tesla has the power to turn even the most apathetic driver into an auto aficionado.




This Tesla Model 3 preview was published after two days driving the Tesla Model X and Tesla Model S on privately-owned cars in FL, USA. A portion of the footage shown was shot by Derek Kessler and Serenity Caldwell of Tesla Central.


For a full rundown of all things Model 3, see “Everything you need to know about the Tesla Model 3” at Tesla Central: http://www.teslacentral.com/tesla-model-3





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