Telstra joins Optus on 5G bandwagon, also aiming for 2019 rollout

Optus won’t be the only telco to offer 5G fixed-wireless connectivity in Australia next year. Not to be left behind, Telstra has also laid out its plans for a 2019 rollout of its own 5G network.

According to the Australian Financial Review, Telstra had organised a media presentation in the Gold Coast for this week to announce its plans for the next generation of mobile connectivity, but Optus managed to upstage Australia’s biggest telco by making its own announcement last week.

“We’ve already conducted Australian and world-first 5G trials and have been investing in our network to lay the groundwork for 5G. We expect to be offering 5G services in 2019,” Mike Wright, Telstra’s managing director of networks, told AFR.

Over the weekend, Telstra announced the set up of its 5G Innovation Centre in the Gold Coast housing the new technology needed for the next step in wireless connectivity. From this Centre, Telstra will be able to conduct trials before commercial deployment.

“From our new 5G Innovation Centre we will be completing a number of 5G firsts in 2018 to ensure Australia remains at the forefront of mobile technology,” said Robyn Denholm, chief operations officer at Telstra.

Source Link: Telstra joins Optus on 5G bandwagon, also aiming for 2019 rollout

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