Technology Facts Interesting & Weird

Technology Facts Interesting & Weird

Technology Facts:

We live in the society of technology where every person is connected to other via internet of things. The technology world is incredible as well as weird to some extent. Everyone is hearing about tech inventions daily as these are interesting and live hacking. The market place is very offensive to its inventions and every one is in the race. Everyone is in need of the apps and web apps to make their life easy.

Here are list of some Interesting and Weird facts about Technology. If you don’t agree with any of these please let me know in the comments section.

1- It took one year to sell 10 million iPhones but Apple did in one weekend with iPhone 6.

iphone vs iphone 6



2- Sixty-five percent (65%) of Smartphone users download 0 apps per month.


3- Beats by dre headphones earn up to 450 dollars a pop but they only cost 14 dollars to produce them.



4- ATM pens were supposed to be six digits, but inventor’s wife was only able to remember four, so guess what happened? We got four digits pin.


5- In 1981 1-gigabyte of storage used to cost $300000, today only 10 cents.


6- They start using QR codes at cemeteries so you scan the code and you will get all the information about the deceased and their photos.

7- There’s an app called Photo Math that allows you to take a picture of the problem and it will solve for you. Where are the students right now?


8- It took the radio 38 years to reach 50 million people, it took the phone 20 years, 13 years for TV, 3.6 years for Face book and only 88 days for Google+ and still nobody uses Google+.


9- The game CandyCrush makes up to $850000 per day.


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