Popular app Sarahah uploads your data without your consent

Messaging app Sarahah took the world by storm and is still going strong in almost 30 countries including USA, France, and Saudia Arabia. Sarahah, which means “honesty” in Arabic is an app which allows users to send and receive honest feedback while keeping their anonymity. However, the app is doing more than just giving a […]

Meet the man who created Sarahah, the world’s most popular app right now

Be it big Tech & IT giants or individual software developers, all are developing products to entertain, engage, and attract people and interactive apps are the best way to do that. However, making a successful app is not a child’s play. If your app is not interesting it will not attract users. Today we will […]

This app is beating out Instagram, YouTube at App store

Messaging app Sarahah is at the top of AppStore charts, beating out big social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Messenger, and Snapchat etc. Since the app launched in Saudia Arabia, the place from where it was originated from, it became an instant hit. However, now the app has become a big phenomenon. The app […]