Formlabs 3D Printing Workshop | TechCrunch Makers

This episode of Makers takes you to the R&D headquarters of Formlabs from their homebase in Boston. Sam Jacoby gives John a walkthrough of the 3D printing powerhouse from their design team to their engineering team to a troubleshooting station. Subscribe to TechCrunch TV today: TechCrunch Makers goes behind the scenes at tech hardware […]

Quirky the NYC Startup where Unique Inventions are Brought to Life | TC Cribs

So for this episode of TechCrunch Cribs, we jetted over to New York City to check out the headquarters of Quirky. Quirky crowdsources ideas for unique physical products (gadgets, kitchenware, furniture, ect.) and manufactures them at large-scale so that they can be sold in stores. This process entails lots of prototyping, so Quirky’s downtown Manhattan […]