The Crew 2 PS4 beta. Is this the next Need for Speed?

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Sony: ‘The PS4 Is Entering The End Of Its Lifecycle.’ That’s Normal. HOWEVER…

Sony’s John Kodera announced at their Corporate Strategy Meeting that the PlayStation 4 is enterting the end of it’s lifecycle. Do you think this will harm console sales? do you think it’s premature to announce that Sony’s wildy popular PS4 is in it’s twilight years? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below. Subscribe To […]

Honor 7A and Honor 7C Now in India, Mi 8 Launch Date, and More (May 23, 2018)

In Today’s 360 Daily — → Honor 7A, Honor 7C Launched in India – → OnePlus 6 Rakes in Rs. 100 Crores Within 10 Minutes in First Sale – → Xiaomi Mi 8 Launch Set for May 31 – → BSNL Takes on Jio With Rs. 499 Postpaid Plan – → […]

#StarWarsDay Star Wars Battlefront 2 PS4 Pro Livestream!

It’s Star Wars day, and what better way to celebrate it than give Star Wars Battlefront 2 a spin. Okay, there are better ways to celebrate it, but we do have an agenda. We see how well it has aged since its launch six months ago. Join us!

Am I getting Too OLD To ‘Git Gud’ At Video Games?

This past Friday I streamed God of War for my patrons. The game is a masterpiece, but what wasn’t a masterpiece was my God awful gaming skills. Years ago I would be able to pick up and understand a new control scheme no problem, but in my mid thirties…not so much. Is my age starting […]

Detroit: Become Human Live PS4 Broadcast

After four years in development, PS4-exclusive Detroit: Become Human finally has a release date of May 25. Created by Quantic Dream — the French studio behind the likes of Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls, Omikron: The Nomad Soul, and Indigo Prophecy, it’s an action adventure game with a focus on story-telling above all else. It […]

The Best Unboxing Of The Ugliest Special Edition Console Ever! (God of War PS4 Pro)

Sony (and Santa Monica Studios) have just released God of War. The game itself is receiving critical acclaim and I cannot wait to play it (still haven’t yet sadly…dad life). I was so excited to play God of War That I decided to pick up the special edition PS4 (PlayStation 4 Pro) Pro God of […]

God of War Gadgets 360 Live PS4 Broadcast

Our very first live stream on YouTube, with a game that makes it an excellent first step – God of War. ➥ God of War Review: ➥ God of War Combat Guide: ➥ God of War Tips and Tricks: What’s 🔥 on Gadgets 360 – ➥ Nokia 8 Sirocco Review: ➥ […]

The Wild PlayStation 5 Rumors Are Already Beginning…

Even though the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X are (relatively) new to the market, rumors are already beginning to circulate regarding next generation consoles from both Sony and Microsoft. Semi-accurate is already discussing specifications and a release date for Sony’s upcoming PS5 system, but how accurate are they? From here on out the […]