Google says it removed 700K apps from the Play Store in 2017, up 70% from 2016

The relatively open nature of Android has made it a target for malware authors and other bad actors of all stripes who often try to get their wares onto your phone through both the official Google Play Store, third-party app stores and any other way they can think of. For most users, though, the main […]

Over 60 apps & games showing porn ads removed from Google Play Store

Google Play Store is the biggest open source platform for developers around the globe to go mainstream by working on productive apps and games. But some of the developers took a bad step and misused Google’s platform for earning business. As of now, Google has deleted around 63 games from its Play Store after the […]

Google will pay $1000 to researchers to hack most popular apps on its store

Google has challenged researchers to check for vulnerabilities in some of its apps on Android store. It has recently announced Google Play bug bounty program at Google’s Playtime developers event for researchers to look for bugs and vulnerabilities in some of the most popular apps of Google. This program is called as “Google Play Security […]

Google Play adds Android Instant Apps via a ‘Try it Now’ button, among other changes

Google today is announcing a number of changes to its Google Play app store, the most notable being a new way to try apps immediately without having to first install them on your mobile device. The new feature takes advantage of “Android Instant Apps” technology – Google’s attempt at bridging the mobile web world with […]