BIG Channel/YouTube Changes Coming Soon!

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YouTube makes it harder for smaller channels to earn from ads

YouTube has changed the requirements for its platform that makes people earn money. For the past couple of years, YouTube has been tightening their rules that makes it even harder for Youtubers to earn money from ads which run before and during the video. According to the new rules, to apply for monetization, the user […]

Pinterest’s Tim Kendall On Buyable And Promoted Pins

Matthew Lynley talks to Pinterest’s GM of Monetization, Tim Kendall, about the retail tools for partners and how casual browsing can convert to sales. Subscribe to TechCrunch today: TechCrunch is a leading technology media property, dedicated to obsessively profiling startups, reviewing new Internet products, and breaking tech news.

Snapchat Founder On Making Messages Disappear | Disrupt SF 2013

Evan Spiegel discusses Snapchat and the future of the industry. Snapchat users could expect potential product updates with a new feed. For the company, it could unleash a world of possibilities for advertising. When asked directly about monetization and the experiments around the feed, Spiegel said that Chinese company Tencent was a role model. Watch […]

ZEFR: The Startup That Identifies and Monetizes Video Content Online

Los Angeles-based startup ZEFR has made a name for itself by working with content creators to make money off their videos on YouTube. Founded as, the startup began by licensing short movie clips, distributing, and monetizing them. Realizing the huge potential for UGC on YouTube, the company rebranded as ZEFR and built tools to […]

Why Freemium Mobile Games Make More Money

App Annie tracks the performance of apps in the iOS store. Its tools are a way to cut through the bullshit and see how an app is performing today. Alex Wilhelm talks to App Annie CEO Bertrand Schmitt about GDC and the future of gaming apps. Subscribe to TechCrunch today:

North Korean Hackers Target Bitcoin Exchanges | Crunch Report

Facebook bans monetization of hate, porn, drugs and violence on its platform, some shake-ups happen at Baidu and WhatsApp, and North Korea is allegedly targeting bitcoin exchanges. All this on Crunch Report.

Nintendo claims Let’s Play videos

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In This Video I will Show You “RE ENABLE YOUTUBE MONETIZATION TAB AFTER GETTING DISABLED NEW 100% WORKING 2015” ============================================= You Have Write : Why has my Monetization been disabled and my account is in good standing. ========================================­­===== My Other Works: How to install Windows 10 In Oracle VM VirtualBox 2015!:- Best Android Lollipop Emulator […]

YouTube, PLEASE LISTEN…Before It’s Too Late!

So, YouTube announced a more streamlined feature that will allow creators to appeal demonetized videos quicker. However, what creators really want to know is WHY their content is being demonitized to begin with. Subscribe To ReviewTechUSA for more great content! Follow Me On Twitter: Tweets by THEREALRTU Follow Me On Facebook: Sources cited in […]