Slow sales force Apple to halve the production of iPhone X, shares fall

Apple is reportedly cutting the production of iPhone X smartphones in half after its sales took a dip. The Cupertino-based tech giant originally had big hopes from its sales as it was planning to produce as much as 40 million smartphone units during the first quarter of the year 2018. However, adapting to the decline […]

Sony plans to go bezel-less with Xperia XZ2, a Snapdragon 845 flagship smartphone

Sony is trying to make a comeback in its smartphone series with a powerful and a completely redesigned flagship device set to be revealed next year. Nicknamed H8216, the smartphone whose renders have recently gone viral on the internet is believed to be a successor to Xperia XZ1, the last year’s flagship from Sony. Hence […]

Xiaomi launches Redmi 5 smartphones with prices starting at $120

Xiaomi has officially revealed the upcoming models from its Redmi series, the Redmi 5 and Redmi 5 Plus. Both of the smartphones feature 18:9 displays with minimal bezels and have prices starting at $120. Xiaomi, the Chinese manufacturer known for bringing out high specification smartphones in competitively lower prices, just unveiled new smartphones in its […]

50 new Pokemon added to Pokemon Go in a major update

The mobile gaming sensation from last year, Pokemon Go, gets two major game updates. Niantic, the game developer behind Pokemon Go, has rolled out two updates to the augmented reality-based game, adding as much as 50 new Pokemon characters along with a new ‘dynamic real-world weather system’. Niantic plans to release these updates in two […]

Infinix Zero 5: Good cameras, long battery and powerful CPU but Big

Infinix is one of those Chinese manufacturers which have risen and made their place in global market within a very short span of time. People are now turning towards relatively newer players in the smartphone industry like Infinix, Xiaomi and Oppo who are providing great smartphones in very tight price ranges. As far as Infinix […]

A bug in Siri crashed Apple Watches when asked for weather

A strange bug in the Siri forced it to crash the Apple Watches when asked for weather. Over the past weekend, the Apple users have been reporting about a bug in Siri (or maybe on the Apple Watch). The default voice-activated assistant of Apple reportedly restarts the applications on the connected Apple watches when inquired […]

Google’s CEO steps in to resolve the hamburger emoji issue, calls ‘top priority’

The cheese placement on one of the Google’s hamburger emoji drew enough brawl that the Google’s CEO himself had to step in and resolve the issue for once and all. The matter of how a technology company places the cheese slice on its burger emoji was raised over the past weekend when Thomas Baekdal, a […]

Bitcoin again hits over $6,000

Almost a week ago Bitcoin price passed the mark of $6,000 maintaining it for one and a half day, it dropped back to $5800, and now it has again set a new all-time high record of $6,306.58 yesterday morning. This makes the Bitcoin first ever cryptocurrency of the world to reach this record high. The […]

Pakistan blocked more than 200 URLs in 3 years, report reveals

According to a research analysis conducted by Open Observatory of Network Interference (OONI) and Bytes for All Pakistan, it has been revealed that more than 200 URLs have been blocked in Pakistan in last 3 years. 22 internet service providers (ISPs) were involved to block these URLs. According to the research report released on Wednesday, […]