Gmail’s 7 New Features to Look Out For

Gmail has got a much-awaited design refresh after five long years. However, design is not the only thing new in the “new” Gmail; a ton of functionality has been added to both the web as as well mobile interface. We take a look at the seven big changes you should know about. ➥ How to […]

Gmail gets native add-ons on web and Android

Gmail built in add-ons are now officially available for everyone. Add-ons are introduced to simplify your workflow. With the new add-ons, you’ll be able to use services like Slack, and Evernote all at one place. The certain add-ons will be activated based on the messages you receive, thus helping you get things done faster.For […]

Gmail launches its first public iOS beta to test support for third-party accounts

Google wants to make Gmail the place where you check all your email accounts, not just your Google accounts. The company announced this week it’s testing a new version of the Gmail app on iOS that will allow users to add their non-Google accounts, including those from Outlook (including Hotmail or Live), Yahoo, and elsewhere. […]

Periscope Now In Twitter Feeds | Crunch Report

Google is making their Cardboard VR headsets a bigger priority, Lyft is partnering with National Medtrans Network to help New York’s elderly get to medical appointments, cheap flight finder Skyskanner has a valuation of $1.6 billion after raising a mega round, Skype is bringing video chat to mobile. Subscribe to TechCrunch today: Crunch Report […]

Google is finally introducing Material Design to Gmail

Gmail for web is finally getting Google’s Material Design and some other useful new features. Google introduced Material Design with the launch of Android 5.0 Lollipop and people loved it. Google then slowly rolled out the design to all of its products and now finally Gmail is getting it and some early screenshots show the […]

Gmail finally converts addresses and phone numbers to clickable links

Better late than never. Google has finally addressed Gmail’s most annoying problem. Until now, when someone sent you a phone number or address, you had to copy the address or the phone number, while trying to avoid any other text along with it, and paste it where you needed it. But now Gmail has finally […]

Google Outage: Gmail, YouTube and other services go down in several regions

Google is suffering a major outage in several regions across the globe including Japan, Europe, and North America. According to media reports, several of Google’s services such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Map and Google Drive have all gone down. It is not yet clear how Google services across various regions have gone down. However, users […]

Gmail for iOS to warn users about visiting suspicious links

A little while ago Google added security measures to Gmail app for Android user after a widespread phishing scam that affected Gmail users around the globe. And now the tech company has decided to beef up its Gmail app security for iOS users. The new security features will give warning messages to iOS user if […]

Google brings Smart Replies to Gmail on iOS and Android

 When Google launched Inbox, its more experimental next-gen email client for Gmail, one of its flagship features was Smart Reply. With Smart Reply, Google’s machine learning algorithms look at your incoming emails and then suggest short, three- or four-word replies (think “Sure” or “Yes, thank you”). Until now, this feature was only available in Inbox and the… […]

Google adds phishing protection to Gmail on Android

 Following the widespread phishing scam that affected Google Docs and Gmail users this week, Google says it’s now rolling out a new security feature in its Gmail application on Android that will help warn users about suspicious links. This feature may not have prevented this week’s attack, however, as that attack involved a malicious and […]