Amazon Delivery Drones, Uber’s Revenue Leaks, and 23andMe’s FDA Troubles

Amazon’s much-buzzed-about experiments in making deliveries using unmanned flying drones, the leaked screenshot that showed just how much money Uber is raking in (it’s a lot), and 23andMe’s battles with the FDA over the marketing and sale of its genetic testing kits. Leena Rao, Colleen Taylor, and Ryan Lawler talk about the weekly tech news. […]

Uber’s self-driving cars | Crunch Report

Uber’s self-driving cars start driving this month in Pittsburgh, Rothenberg Ventures might be in some financial trouble, Twitter increases its efforts to remove terror propaganda, CNN adds drones to its arsenal, and is shutting down. All this on Crunch Report.

Airspace can catch high-speed drones all by itself

Airspace Systems is leveraging computer vision to identify, intervene, and remove threatening drones from the sky safely, without sacrificing speed. While many companies in the space are focused on simply identifying or shooting down rogue drones, Airspace uses machine learning to autonomously intercept drones and immobilize them with kevlar netting. The netting physically attaches to […]

The Pocket Drone | CES 2014 Hardware Battlefield

The Pocket Drone is exactly what it sounds like: a flying robot that can carry a high-quality action camera into the air for 15-20 minutes, then fold up and fit into a cargo pants pocket. This round’s judges: Brady Forrest of Highway1, Katherine Hague of Shoplocket, Eric Migicovsky of Pebble, and Greg Papadopoulos of NEA. […]

Intel taught 250 drones to fly together and it was breathtaking

The tech giant, Intel created a spectacular view of a swarm of 250 mini-drones flying together in the air at the CES 2018. These flying drones created an aerial light show in the skies of Las Vegas with the sound of the song “Stargazing” by artist Kygo. These drones were pre-programmed for the aerial music […]

5 Best Drones For Professionals

Best drones for professional video recording and streaming. All five drones are available on Amazon below. 5. DJI Spark Amazon (US,UK,CA,DE,IN,FR): Amazon (Internacional): 4. Ehang Ghostdrone 2 Amazon (US,UK,CA,DE,IN,FR): Amazon (Internacional): 3. DJI Mavic Pro Amazon (US,UK,CA,DE,IN,FR): Amazon (Internacional): 2. Yuneec H520 Amazon (US,UK,CA,DE,IN,FR): Amazon (Internacional): 1. […]