Data Extraction Made Easy With Import.Io represents a new kind of service for connecting data to get information quickly that would normally require considerable manual work. Data integration is a hot topic as more people find relevance from multiple sources of data. and other services provide a form of data integration so the web can be treated as a […]

Zeta Interactive Works with Big Brands to Track Engagement

John Sculley has been a big reason why Zeta Interactive is on a path to an eventual IPO. Paired with Founder & CEO David Steinberg, they’ve leveraged data analytics and cloud data to help fortune 1000 companies track consumer engagement extremely efficiently. Reporter Matthew Lynley chatted with them in the TechCrunch NY office. Subscribe to […]

Top 3 free online courses for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence is one of the most sophisticated of all the emerging technologies. Artificial Intelligence deals with the understanding of machines and programming them to do tasks autonomously as well as helping them get smarter. It requires a great deal of understanding and problem-solving. It’s also one of the most […]