Blue Whale suicide game starts claiming victims in Pakistan

Buzz around the Blue Whale Challenge has been ongoing on the Internet for quite a while. But now it appears Pakistani children have started falling prey to it. The Blue Whale game is an online challenge which includes a ‘curator’ who develops various deadly challenges for the players. The game originated from Russia back in […]

Suicide game Blue Whale pushes victim to a second suicide attempt

A teenager tried to kill herself for the second time while trying to attempt the Blue Whale challenge. Blue Whale is a sinister game which is encouraging people, more specifically teenagers, to commit suicide. According to a Russian Newspaper, “This game is responsible for 130 suicides (globally) that took place between November 2015 to April […]

Blue Whale is a game encouraging people to commit suicide

Games, whether indoor or outdoor, are a great source of joy and entertainment for teenagers. However, in recent times a game named Blue Whale has emerged, inciting people to commit suicide. The game is allegedly run by an online social media group. The game Blue Whale also known as Blue Whale Challenge game is an […]