Star Wars Jedi Challenges: First Look

The words “Star Wars” and “virtual reality” go together like “Bones McCoy” and “Tennessee Whisky,” but don’t go thinkin’ this is just another Cylon attack on the Jupiter 2! Star Wars Jedi Challenges is not virtual reality but *augmented* reality – and when it launches later this year it’ll let you go head-to-head with Kylo Ren, play a nasty game of holochess with your favorite Wookie, or manage major engagements full of AT-ATs! Check out MrMobile’s first look from IFA 2017, and subscribe so you don’t miss the Star Wars Jedi Challenges review, coming soon!



Filmed on location in Berlin, Germany at IFA 2017, with preproduction samples on loan from Lenovo. Some filming by Mark Guim of Android Central.


“Robot Town” by Phil Gardiner, available at Premium Beat:



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