Sony Xperia X2 set to launch early next year

Sony’s latest attempt at flagship phones, the Xperia X series, hasn’t set the smartphone world alight. But Sony looks set to push ahead with two new phones at the start of next year nonetheless.

The Eurasian Economic Commission has revealed two new codenames for Xperia handsets with the model numbers of G3112 and G3121.

Sony has revealed phones at Mobile World Congress for a number of years now. The Xperia Z5 was revealed at MWC 2015 with the model number E6603, while the Xperia X was released last year under F5121.

Another X incoming

Considering the codenames suggest we have now moved onto the G series with these new Xperia model names, it’d suggest a release in February next year is on the cards.

So far there’s no mention of the spec or what the new Xperia X phones will even be called.

The X series currently features the Xperia XA, Xperia X, Xperia X Compact and Xperia XZ with the Xperia XA Ultra appearing in some other markets too.

The Sony Xperia X will be a year old by the time next year’s MWC rolls around, so it’d make sense for Sony to upgrade it to the Xperia X2. These model numbers would make sense for any such phone.

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