SOLO: Behind The Wheel Of The One-Person Electric Car

As MrMobile I’ve covered electric cars from Tesla to Toyota – and on my last day at CES 2018 I test-drove an EV unlike any I’d seen before. This is the Electra Meccanica SOLO, an electric car built for “the 90% of drivers traveling without passengers.” With a promised range of 100 miles, a top speed of about 80mph and a recharge time of between 3 and 6 hours, the SOLO might just raise some eyebrows in the world of the constant commuter – assuming they’re willing to stomach the price of entry. Join me for my penultimate CES 2018 video, a test drive in the SOLO one-person electric car!


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MrMobile’s SOLO EV test drive was produced following 30 minutes driving a SOLO EV test car at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, NV. The test car was a preproduction build and differs slightly from production models being delivered to customers in 2018. Final conclusions will wait for a possible future review.

Learn more about the SOLO EV here:


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