SNES Mini Classic isn’t an Amazon Prime Day deal, but this better version is on sale

The SNES Classic Mini is going to be a smash hit and we were hoping it would be an Amazon Prime Day deal with pre-orders opening up today in the US.

That didn't happen, but good news: we found $51 SNES Classic alternative on Amazon that's slightly better, albeit less of a nostalgia trip. The important thing is that it plays more SNES games and games from other classic consoles.

You can switch between SNES, NES and Genesis games, as it has three cartridge slots in the top of this retro console. All of your 8-bit and 16-bit needs are met. That means Mario and Sonic on the same console in games made before 1999.

One caveat is that while it's cheaper than the SNES Classic Mini at an almost $30 price difference, you do have to have catridges to play the games (they aren't built in). Solution: many people still have old games or can buy cheap ones on eBay.

It costs $51 and has wireless controllers

What's really piqued our interest in this classic video game console reborn is that it includes two 2.4GHz wireless controllers. They have a 15 ft. range according to the retro console maker Hyperkin.

There are also two ports for each console (six total) in case you want to use your old-school controller. In the back there are S-video and Composite AV inputs.

So while we're waiting for the SNES Classic Mini pre-orders to begin on random date ahead of September 29 in the US, this may tide us over – or be our only option if it turns out like the impossible-to-find NES Classic inventory.

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